Another Rejection

I’m not sure what this certain reviewer wants in a design. Here’s another design that’s been rejected.

Some times I also wonder what they need… being an author for around 10 years… having more than 300 items… A UI kit got rejected yesterday very unexpectedly… I dont know why

hi I like the global idea, but for me once again this is about text … I know u may not listen to this, but if u ask me u are considering text a bit as a sideway element, when this is not… the fact of the matter if that for branding matters and so on, u do not only need a cool design visually to attach people , u also need an efficient text part getting the job done, promoting the event, the album whatever as expected. Besides, once again, if u understand how the reading process works and the implied impact zones resulting for it, u will identify several things that are not super ok here …, finally u have some items really too close from edges and this is taking the breathing away from the concerned elements and this generates misbalance in terns of the global organization of space, if u ask me …

I think Album Covers don’t need too much text, just the artist name and the album name. Most things about Album Covers are the visuals and not the text IMHO.

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By giving such simple details, we can look for minor problems in the design. But I think the problem is neither the text nor anything else. Because there are lots of “considered such an ugly work” that is done randomly without following any design rules on GR. Sometimes i ask who approves this “grAphiC dEsigN iS my pAssiON” kind of templates. :smiley: I think it is in the injustice of the review system. In my personal opinion, this album cover definitely deserves approval. But it just fell into the hands of an unlucky reviewer.

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I have never said it should not have made it for sale, this is no at all the point, though, obviously as no work is perfect there are things that could be improved and I know the both of u turn out to consider efficiency for the customer as a “sideway notion” but indeed, some things are being determined by rules of the industry and by needs from potential buyers … this is how his work could have been perfected in my view …

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@n2n44 I personally thank you again. You helped me many times at the beginning of my envato career. That’s why I definitely respect and care about your opinion. And I’m really wondering, do you think it is the right strategy to be customer oriented rather than aesthetic concerns?

they do not need much text , yes , maybe, but they need to be visible and impactful ones fr branding matters, whether we like it or not …and as for what u said, I may agree in a way but I can also disagree , too … the fact of the matter is that , look, if u have two people buying your item - I guess u aim at this or much more lol - then what is going to make the artwork differ apart from the text that the customer / buyer will bring to the table? and if the concerned text is this very small if u have two buyers showing their cover u cannot distinguish one from the other

this is hard to answer your question (and I understand what u mean by this and I would not say that the way of thinking is completely wrong, especially nowadays where so much is revolving around visual communication)… because if we deal with custom design I would say maybe aesthetic but here, this is a “marketplace” and u sell templates , which makes a difference in many ways , since u have to adapt to a larger / broader set of needs

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