Another rejection: suggestion for improvement? Classical orchestra and mandolin track

Comments and suggestions are appreciated!


Hey Federico!

The track has a really interesting flavor and I loved the Ravel-ish air it breaths. I think the reason for rejection here is probably the pizzicato strings pattern that remains unchanged from start to end. I understand it might have been a compositional decision, but the reviewers and customers might need some movement and variations throughout the piece. Perhaps you can experiment with inversions or even a gentle modulation.

I liked how the mandolin blends with the orchestral section. Mix-wise, maybe you can turn down the low-mids and lows a bit. They sound a bit too hot at least in my set up.

Finally, 2:38 might be a bit too long for a track that is based in melodic phrases over the repetition of a pattern. So to sum up, I think the piece might benefit from some harmonic variations and a shorter duration, somewhere around 1:45 / 2:00.

Of course, this is just an opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

Good luck!

I agree with WormwoodMusic, low mids of 180-400 sound too pronounced, always this frequency area is not pleasant to humans and its dangerous . Also while its nice, it feels repetitive… as said, and to me it seems like a sketch rather than properly finished track. It needs variation and excitement (more changes, more details and transitions) its art that has an impact to people and their feelings, and its not a draft thing that you just do when you have nothing else to do and expect approval and sales. Nothing personal, I say this for myself too. Just speaking out loud ! Good luck!

Thanks to both of you for your careful suggestion!