Another Rejection - All feedback welcome.

Hi all,

Just curious if anyone can help me with why this would be rejected. All feedback appreciated.


I hear crackles at the beginning 0:06 and 0:14. I would put more reverb and at least a bit more definition on the piano. Lower the volume of your piano a bit and progressively, when orchestra come, play it louder (from pp in the beginning to mp in the last part before the piano ending by exemple). You will keep this round muffled sound at the begining and later in the sound a brighter/louder sound to fit the orchestra who increases in intensity.

The track is well programmed/performed and the mix is clean. Nice composition!

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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sorry to say but I am afraid this is very dissonant, the intro piano is the big problem, sounds distorted bad quality and dissonant

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Thanks for listening and thanks for the feedback!

I think this is the sound of the piano pedal, though listening back to this it could be EQ’d much better than it is.

This is actually a great idea and I wish I’d thought of it! I think the big problem is that it’s a felt piano, rather than a standard model, meaning that if it isn’t EQ’d well (which this isn’t), there’s a lot of resonance going on. I wanted something soft, but on reflection, I think it probably just sounds muffled more than anything else.

Thank you, and it definitely does help!



Thanks for taking the time to listen and for the feedback!

Listening back to it, I think you’re right. I went for the felt piano, which (as I mentioned in the other post), was because I was going for a soft sound, but it’s come out more muffled/distorted, than soft due to less than stellar EQing. That’s also given it the dissonant quality you mentioned, which is definitely not right in this context.

If I use this particular instrument again, I’ll definitely be taking more time and focusing on the EQ to let it breathe a bit more.