Another reject.

Bloody hell im start to think that this is a conspiracy!! Honestly!!!
Here is my new reject.You can listen this work here. If you have a time i listen any critics because…
I`m just tired…Im done.
I wish you all happiness and patience.
Goood jeeesus…

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Wow! I realy realy like this music @_Blacksmith!! I think reviewer just did not see its commercial potential. Some arrangement with other instruments and lighter intro could make track more suitable for parfume ads, I suppose :slight_smile:… Good luck! And may the sales be with you! :blush:

From my point of view musically it is very good. You are great pianist. But I think it has not enough commercial value. I also think that clarity of sound and it’s closeness to the listener could be improved.

Love it. I feel like you do sometimes. But what you created is really awesome. I guess it’s just not what AJ is looking for.

I think there are 2 reasons of herd reject:

  1. Reviewer didn’t see commercial potencial
  2. Sound quality not professional.

Hope it helps you! Good luck :slight_smile:

I think it’s just too complex and unique to be suited to Stock Music. Also it is quite short.

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From my point of view this is Stock Music. Something which create an ambiance when you don’t have to focus on the music, Well we don’t known in advance if a track will make sales. Probably reviewers known it.
I think they don’t want to take the risk and focus a AJ corporate things or something similar to what they usually sale, and they push all of us to do the same things. Sometimes we need diversity but also sales. I really don’t known who is right…

Your playing is so good man. Try to make some beautiful melody with the string in background. It make the sale and easier for Envato to approve your track I think so.
God bless us.

It works for me … Not for commercial… Don’t give up man, but be more… simple. Less complex unfortunately. :wink:
Good work! See you soon!!

My guess is the composition/arrangement. Nothing wrong with mixing really; it’s on par with front page content. A little too short, a little too complex for commercial use.

Very nice composition though. How do you embed soundcloud? Do you just post the link? I have a reject I’m looking for input on.

Yes! Just copy a link on track. Thanks for advise man.

@BlueBuddy @AudioTrove @LongXmusic Thanks for ancwers people. I think i can fix this.


I’m stunned by your technique of playing the piano!Played you for 5 +!:flushed: But you recorded do not a very high quality :unamused:.I would like more clear and transparent sound .when I listened to the first time I did not understand what you mean by this music. but after…:wink:

All the best!

@LongXmusic @NisusPrideMusic @LuckyBlackCat @Marbury-Media @BlueBuddy @SmartSounds @AudioTrove @Music_MT @BlueSkyAudio @themusemaker @rezonative
Thanks for help to all. The work was changed and released.

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Hi @_Blacksmith
Much better now! I like this mood! Reminds me Muse - Space Dementia :slight_smile: Great work! Pravda kruto poluchilos’ :wink:

It sound great now. :smiley: . Good luck man.

@LongXmusic @NisusPrideMusic Thanks guys! I tried hard :slight_smile:

Wow, it is really good, i love it. To be honest, i hope there will be a trend for such tracks to be more used in commercial purposes.

@MordaStudio Thanks man! I hope too.But i think this is just only dreams…Not more…

If you want to know why this was rejected go listen to the top weekly items. Also you didn’t do any mastering to get it to be as loud as it can possibly be.