Another reject

Well, here it came my turn.
The stuff rejected my track. What do you think about this?I understand this is not commercial work…BUT!!!
I choose the right category when making upload.So…Usual i listen my tracks after rejects and in mostly cases i agree with reviwrers…But now…Wtf…? Too moch pitch or what?
_Why they just don`t tell my what exactly i should change!!!

And maximum all i got is this:

Wait wait wait i already know the answer…Because they don`t have a time on this.

Really, to much pitch (it sound very specific). Also end of track not done well. Good luck in future works!

-Sorry man your work is not satisfied us and we cant accept this.... -But... Can you explain why please? -Sorry man your work is not satisfied us and we cant accept this…
-Sooooo difficult to write a cause and point on my mistakes?
-Sorry man your work is not satisfied us and we can`t accept this…

-Ohhh really?))) I`m soooo glad you tell me this…That was sooo original :))))))
Ok! :))) That i walk further and go on with my works and spending lot of my time on rejects…Thanks a lot! :)))))


I feel your pain, I had 13 tracks rejected in one go… not a single explanation on any.

Don’t let it affect you though & don’t take it to heart, just move onto the next and maybe’s try uploading to another music library where it might be accepted, that’s what i’m doing.

Hello! Would you please name the libraries? Without breaking any rules.

On my opinion just too much playing with pitch. Sounds a bit annoying.
Good luck!