Another Reject :) Please explain me...

For my taste it looks pretty good.
Maybe usability / editing was the problem?

Thnx :slight_smile:

Too simple, not much originality or a twist, and too outdated.

Too much of the same old photo slides in, random shapes mask it, text fades in… meaning nothing new, on the same old, milked to death category and concept. Then no complex animations or transitions or enough variety of them, plus too simple text animation. Soo there ya have it a rejection :smiley: Plus keep in mind that this category is soooooo saturated already, and has many more complex or a bit more original projects already soo yeah.

Imagine creating a slideshow that looks similar to this: and still this was released two years ago! Now just reflect how outdated your template is in terms on its style and the way its animated/executed…

Thank you for your answer. I understood my mistake :slight_smile:

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