Another one bites the dust... Rejected and I can't see why...

Hello there,

I created a Christmas template and it got rejected. I can’t possibly see why, everything works fine, It’s practical the way I always scripted my previous templates that got approved before. I believe the design is strong enough compared to competition on the platform and the use for clients seems quite obvious.
link to the preview video: (password is xmas)

Is this because I should make it 4K maybe? Should I transfer my scripted options to the Essential graphics panel instead of using standard expression controls? Is there a policy on a preferred frame rate? What could make this be approved…
Really appreciate your feedbacks!

Hey, it’s too basic and outdated style wise. Plus the red color doesn’t go well with the rest of the style.

First logo reveal doesn’t even animate the logo… It just stands there as it zooms out…
The lower third is too simple too, and those gradients look oudated both on the circle and the background square.

Third logo reveal is better, but it’s also just the most obvious simple idea that anyone can come up with and execute themselves in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, originality, uniqueness, being up to date or “up to trend” and complexity is nowhere to be found. That’s why it’s rejected.

After a quick search I found this: this is your competition…they have a more complex camera movement, more advanced particles simulation, even the logo is revealed with an advanced animation instead of being static!

So yeah I would say your project isn’t quite up at the same level as your competitors.

Thanks! I see your point but I don’t think this is all about a competition of complexity and technical skills and genius ideas, but more about clean design and how to make it useful to clients. I’ve also seen tons of lazy ideas that get sold as well just because they are so straightforward and easy to use for clients, so I don’t think that’s the only angle to consider here. I’m looking really for tips and insights on what really makes the reviewers greenlight a project. Still can’t figure these requirements. But hey, I agree though, now that you mention it that those gradients might not be super clean and give a “cheap look”. I take notes of your remarks and thank you for taking the time to check! Really appreciate it. Waiting on some other thoughts about what typically allows a greenlight on this type of templates.

It is. Your design/animation is straight back from 2012. As competition goes up so higher goes quality standards. Project that would be accepted half a year ago might not be accepted today.

Ouch. Damn, Ok! Already 2 comments about style, I will definitely take note of that.
Thanks for feedback! Really much appreciated.

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What everyone else said. Looks a bit dated, the font choice isn’t very good, not a fan of the red, all the shapes look a bit ‘chunky’ and the bevel on everything looks outdated.