Another of my logos was rejected, why?


I’m guessing that’s supposed to be a lion. There are A LOT of lion logos on GR, and this one doesn’t really compare to them in terms of quality.

The flat white face looks off, there’s no shape to it like you have with the mane. I would expect at least some grey geometry to help form the shape of the face.

The black outline around the coloured version doesn’t look right either, perhaps it’s too thin.

The line versions are way too thin for a logo, and looks\ even less like a lion than it did before.


hi to be honest with u - and i would rather tell u the ugly truth so that u can identify the degree of additional effort to do - the fact of the matter is that this logo does not really look good in a general way and that indeed, when it comes to the black and white version, this is even worse , as it become also pretty flat and loses the little impact extracted from colors … i have a good deal of things to comment about this item so here we go

1- global style
well , sorry to say just this but the logo is globally looking super raw - it looks sort of a bit childish in a way or as an illustration whose execution has not been mastered completely - and definitely not in keeping with today’s trends in many ways … see point 2
2- commercial potential
as evoked in point 1 , since the thing is not in a trendy style, indeed, this is making sense to assume that the logo interest when it comes to commercial potential
3- coherence
i am sorry but i do not understand what is the point of having a stroke in part of the logo and not to have in the other part … this is rather illogical and see point 4
4- broken harmony
if u turn out not to have the same logics from one element of the logo to the other u are automatically breaking the harmony and unity of it , not to mention that the logo does not look very much like a homogenous logo but rather a bit like elements pasted with each other , see point 5 and 6
5- imbrication
at this stage the imbrication is not well done enough and this is rather emphasizing the problem of harmony that u have from other points rather than increasing the “unity feeling”
6- discrepancy between illustration and text
well , if u ask me, right now , there is no continuity between the illustration and the text , we cannot really say that they are made to match with each other , this is the bottom line, not only only because of the general look and the diverse style of elements but also refer to point 7
7- proportions
at the moment, what u have is an illustration really prevailing too much on the text part , there should be more balance between the two parts …
8- vertical version and potential problems
indeed, not sure that this is really required to have one, but in any case, this does not hurt but the fact of the matter is that if your item had made it for sale and someone had purchased it, they would have ended with trouble to imbricate text and illustration properly , in other words to place the text so that this is really looking good, due ti the curvy and changing side of both sides of your logo (this is related to the shape u have created indeed)
9- typo
this is flat at the moment and judging by how much typo is an issue in GR in a general way , i assume that this is not being harsh to say that they probably expect more from u in terms of typo. Bringing font combinations , no to mention touches of originality would not hurt
10- details
as u may know , logos are judged in small size here and too thin lines and small details are not necessarily weclome as they do not look particularly good in small size

If not for the nose, I would have thought it was a turtle. It doesn’t look much like a lion