Another my logo was rejected! Help!

Can someone help me?

Selman Ay

Could do with a bit of text, otherwise it’s more of an icon than a logo.

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Oh, if you click on image, it open :confused:

I believe you have designed/found the idea with “R” then add the “research” text but search is usually related with “magnifier” sign but here it’s a “up” sign

One more thing that you should understand. What you’re creating is good but you’re thinking inside of the box. These items can be sold as an end product to one client/company but for sure it’s not a template.

Right, got you.what ki said. But also, I think letter based logos are harder to get approved these days. All things being equal (which usually they aren’t, but still!), it could be said that they have 24 times less chance than selling than non-letter based logos.

On the other hand, if somebody is looming for a logo that starts with an r, they have a higher chance of choosing yours… so maybe that cancels it out a bit. But still, like ki said, not too sure if the arrow works… but the overall design is pretty good as far as I’m concerned.