Another milestone! 500 sales!



Woo-hoo! Just reached my 500th sale! :smile:

A big thank you to Envato, for helping me turn my hobby into a part-time profession and thank you to all the other authors here who continue to inspire and astonish me with both their work and supportiveness. It’s an honour to be a part of this great community, surrounded by so many talented, creative artists.

Of the sales that I have found in use, highlights have been the following…

  1. Placement in a long running advert on US TV (still going).
  2. Placement in a couple of viral videos
  3. Placement in a few celebrity videos
  4. Placement of 3 tracks in one video game
  5. Placement in a short Spanish movie (End Titles)

Once again, many thanks to everyone. Now, onwards…to Double Sparta! :smiley:


Congrats, big milestone and nice placements :smile:


Congrats, Gaetano! I saw your sales count the other day at 499 and was waiting for your 500th!

Level 5 on the way :wink:


congrats well done, i wish u good luck for the next step , as for myself i have been celebrating 1K sales today and i can understand how happy u feel on today :wink:


Congrats! :smile:


Congrats Gae!!! :smiley:


Thanks everyone! :+1:


My congratulations man! This is really great!


Nice job, Gae!! Congrats!!


Cheers! :slight_smile: