ANOTHER license question -Using different text in an item per Episode

Hi everyone. I’ve taken the leap into making a Youtube series.
As many have found, the licensing is confusing and somewhat ambiguous (maybe, maybe not?).

So far everything I have purchased (intro and a few other things) would be rendered once and used repeatedly throughout the Youtube channel. As I understand it, I can use these up to 52 episodes in the year from first release before renewing the license the following year (I’m NOT going to get 52 episodes done!!!).

But as I am doing a review show, I am keen to have some call out/lower third/list like graphics that will mention bullet point styled info for the viewer. This would mean that the text within the item would be different for EVERY episode. I am not going to be making any money from the show, it is just a hobby. But the licensing confuses me as technically I will be rendering many different items each episode, despite it being a series.

Any thoughts or info that might make this a little clearer?
Thanks in advance.