another hard rejection

honestly, I’m tired of trying to come up with something new just to face hard rejections over and over and over again. nothing seems to work, I’ve tried complex and simple designs and nothing is ever good enough. are they really that bad? criticism does not offend me in any way, what kills me is working long days just to see my work rejected with no feedback at all

I cannot be much help I’m afraid because I don’t know what kind of work goes into these kind of backgrounds. However having said that, there are loads of different backgrounds available free of charge which look more premium than the examples here.

To me “personally” your backgrounds look TOO BUSY - almost bordering on psychedelic - less is more I would say my friend

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thank you for the feedback!

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I wish I could have been more helpful :slight_smile: I think the issue with graphics, images, colours etc, it is all very much a case of what one person likes, the other does not see it the same way. So from my personal viewpoint, I have not been wowed, but another person will be.

Creativity - whether that be a website, theme, image, logo, sounds - it all depends on what one person likes the look of.

Myself I would suggest you look at what currently is selling on the Envato Platform, then try to create something along the same lines, but better :wink:

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There are no any issue with these graphics (at least first 6 of them) → I know Devotchkah works for long time and these works are pretty good as the all other.

@123Simples your examples are not premium at all - they are totally random old backgrounds known for years and they are look pretty “free resources” - never would pay a penny for them.

@devotchkah - your works are totally fine - specially first 6 of them - brilliant.

Why rejected? I don’t know - there are many factors.

The last 3 of them… ok they actually could be better.

But first six examples? → big fan. Specially when you know what it takes to create such mosaic.

I just had to write my opinion. :slight_smile:


@PeakStar I’m particularly not a fan of the examples above, so I usually try to create something that can’t be easily found for free.

Thank you for your feedback and kind words!

@123Simples I’m a full-time author and I work by myself, so I basically don’t have anyone to criticize my work. I appreciate your insights and they were very helpful!

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I agree with all you said. Brilliant. Love it.

I had a lot of rejections, now I just do graphic templates.
Graphics categories I only got hard rejections.


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Just wanted to say that I really love your backgrounds! As for rejection, probably due to reasons of market conditions like general saturation or perceived simplicity of such projects. Even though it does take work and skill to make all of these, of course.

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I work by myself too, and yes there are times when I THINK - WOW THIS LOOKS AMAZING, but then on reflection, and then getting other peoples input, I realise it wasn’t that great.

What I was simply trying to say (maybe not so eloquently) is that graphics, logo designs, colour schemes, websites etc etc are very much what one person loves, another person will hate.

Does that mean something is bad or not worth trying - NO NOT AT ALL. That is how we all learn, and @PeakStar I wasn’t trying to say that the examples in the image I provided were premium - I just simply did a google search and screen-grabbed the searches.

My points always would be -

  1. You created something - that in itself is amazing!
  2. Just because it got rejected today, doesn’t mean that you cannot have success tomorrow.

I wish you well :slight_smile:

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And today I found the proof your works are ok. Check the below (approximately in the middle of the article) - your works - best of 2022 :slight_smile:


great surprise! the background is also somewhat similar to the first one I mentioned here :sweat_smile: