Another hard rejection

Hi there,

Today I’ve got another hard rejection on a track I’ve uploaded. As I’ve spent a lot of time on the mixing and balancing of the track, I’m really in the dark on the reasons of the rejection.

Does anyone have some feedback/tips?

Thanks in advance.


You did very good composition obviously. Don’t worry about the mix everything sounds great.
But it is a bit complex and personal composition I think. Here, buyers need simple but attractive tracks at the same time. It was like you are shifting genres - I mean the bell part and the brass. It would be better if there wasn’t that brass part. But the first part is great for media compositions.
Here is my tips:

  • Don’t put lots of themes in one track.
  • Make more simple arrangments.

Actually, there isn’t so much to say but let me give you an advice. You can turn this track into a short logo. It is a great melody for intros etc.
Keep composing, mate!

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Thanks for the tips!