Another hard rejection after more than 100 days waiting, please leave feedback

In my opinion, this video is at least as good as the recent ones posted in the same category. No offense to fellow authors. Be harsh…

My rejected video:
Password for viewing: trashvato

Few examples of recent accepted videos:

Oh, and btw, I reached 300 sales today and I’d like to thank all of my buyers! :smiley:

My only comment would be your clip lack camera movement maybe pan left to right or zoom in - out…?

If I were to shoot this scene I would try a different angle the main subject would be the exercise bike and give it a camera pan. Here’s a shot I did in at a local park :

But I could have easily done that with software, because I shot it at 4k and uploaded it at 1080p. This is what I’m talking about, they just put the generic excuse for not accepting it… Thanks for the feedback.

First and third clip didn’t have any movement, and in my opinion the one with waves is so generic and too cropped, but it got accepted anyway…

I understand you man I think you’ve had a run-in with a reviewer who may have had a bad day…

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I seem to be running-in to a lot of them lately :joy: