Another hard-rejected WordPress plugin. Are plugins using Vue forbidden?


Some time ago I’ve submitted a plugin for video stories with nice UX, decent graphic presentation, but got hard-rejected.

Yesterday I’ve submitted another plugin, for creating full-screen instagram-like stories with WooCommerce Products, and got hard-rejected again. The plugin looks good, and again, graphic presentation was nice. Commercial value also seems to be good.

Code quality - I’ve been a full stack dev for about 10 years now, a good part of it I spent working for an Elite Author, and know about coding standards required at Envato, so don’t think this is an issue. It is indeed very good coded.

So my only suspicions are:

  1. Plugin uses Vue for front-end part, because the stories are very dynamic and have a lot of features which would be a pain to create in jQuery, and could it be that Vue is not allowed? As theoretically it could create some problems (but I’ve never encountered any, tested with 10+ themes)

  2. Could be that demo is broken for reviewers - stories are full-screen, and full-screen elements on a page which is embedded in an iframe… well, don’t work that great. And I’m assuming reviewers are viewing the demo in an iframe. It could also be that they test on a device which I haven’t tested with and some unforeseen issues appear.

How do I get at least any feedback specifically from review team? I mean just to have a clue about what’s wrong, because I was planning on building a couple more plugins on the same platform (full screen, mobile-first content)

Demo URL: Product Stories for WooCommerce – FT

@ki-themes sorry, tagging you again

I have seen few similar plugins at CodeCanyon before - if you could’ve posted it a year ago or two, I’m sure you’d get approval but nowadays, they are being more picky on the items those offering much/more unique features/design. Beside that, you could get something similar with Slider Revolution within few clicks, therefor you don’t really need an extension but don’t get mad. There’re other marketplaces as well as you can sell these items on your own at your own website by creating a lite plugin and uploading to

My suggestion, to find a better idea.

Makes sense, thanks.