Another hard rejected! What else??? (Any help would be appreciated. Thanks)

How to everyone. How are you doing?
I got another hard rejected!

I just don´t get it… What´s wrong this time?

Any help would be very appreciated it
Thank you so much for advanced!

sounds primitive, monotonically and very very simple. Need some dynamic and variations in structure and instrumentation. Now it’s sounds a bit cheap .No offence but reject is justified.

Hi DPmusicStudio, how are you?
First of all, let me tell you that I been listening some of your music, and I think is very good. Congratulations for your excellent work. You are a great composer !

It didn´t sound very good to me what you said about “Sounds Primitive”, but any way… It is difficult to guess what they really want. When you do something too complicated, then is too creative, and they consider that is not ok for commercial use. Then, when you do something simple and easy, is to simple and monotonically.

I have listen some songs in audio jungle, and let me tell you, there a lot of simple and monotonically songs out there. (And I think they sounds beautiful)

I think you are right about the dynamics though. Thanks for your help DPmusicStudio !


Thanks Miquel.
There is very subtle line between simplicity and primitivism. We’re all looking for it. I guess in this kind of music business simplicity and clearness is the key. I’d suggest you to analyze a bit deeper most salable music here and make conclusion what simplicity is.
Good luck. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hello @ImagicDream. I don’t see the composition as the problem but the mixing/mastering and the Quality of the sounds/samples. Like @DPmusicStudio said, it sounds a bit cheap. The drums sounds powerless, the guitar strums unnatural. The bass synth sounds “not integrated” into the mix. But the potential is there in my opinion!

I think this track is really cool and positive and even if the mix could be improved a bit it sounds so marketable and commercial that could be perfect to sell on Audiojungle

Hello @FOXYAudio

Hi @Octopusic. Thank you so much for your words. I really appreciate a constructive criticism.