Another hard rejected. Please help me


Hi Guys,

Als of my tracks i uploaded to Audiojungle are being rejected. Can you guys please give me some advise?



I´m listening on my smartphone in the street, not the best to try to figure out, but maybe the cymbal is too high?¿


the hat/cymbal in the intro is to loud and the song is very repetitive…hope that helps.


This track is quite good. But IMHO:

  • hat is too bright and too loud, especially I can hear this at the beginning.
  • try also lower compression/limitation on master bus.


Good track, but I feel that there is to many HF! Lead synth and especially hi-hat sounds to loud. It gives the track a sense of acidity and badly hits the ears.

Structure, parts, arrangement sounds great. really like your work.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the feedback. So overall the cymbal sounds to loud? I will word on that. I will also lower the limiter at the end of the masterbus. unfortunately i cannot resubmit this track again because of the hard reject.



Try to submit it to another stock)