Another hard reject


Аfter another hard reject I got this letter.

[standart letter about quality ( Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category…)]

In addition to requiring some quality improvement, you should consider how this item looks on larger displays.

Here is preview

After improving it, I got the next hard reject.

Will be grateful for any comments.


Any help please!


Is it hard rejected or soft rejected??. Did you check your hidden items tab


It is hard reject!


Ok some issues I consider

  1. Contrast and visiblity - since everything is grayed out, it might be difficult for a user to know what is what, try changing bg image to a colored one or something else to differentiate between bg and content.
  2. Instead of content being left aligned try centralizing it
  3. Use uniform layout for eg about is different from services
  4. Emphasize on homepage that this a coming soon website page. No user will understand the meaning of that countdown or why that subscribe button is there. Also try bringing the subscribe button above the fold with clear description of what it means.
  5. Some visual hierarchy and fine tuning of typo can be done.
    All the best.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


well what u said makes sense lol well done :wink:


I make some improvements. But got another reject. If it’s not difficult please any suggestions?


Can anyone help?