Another Hard Reject Again (Just as usual) :(

I am a designer on envato since 2011, i have been designing logos here and I feel part of being GR family. I understand graphicriver increased the quality of logo designs over the years. For that reason my logo designs since 2014-15,16,17 have faced massive rejection. :frowning:

I have improved my logo quality, so as all designs, when i look at some of the logos allowed here compared to my quality it seems my logo are much better quality in many cases. So as these design I believe its a unique concept, and browsing through GR i don’t see anything close to that concept.

If my quality is not good enough please give me a reason why that particular rejection is missing quality?

I wrote part of this message to the review but i unfortunately I did not hear any word from them. I really miss the good old Envato days when GR really cared for its authors and gave warmly support. It seems like GR has now just become a money making business.

I would like to hear what some authors think, and maybe we can also get a comment from a reviewer as well.

Below is some of my hard rejected stuff.

Thank you.


Great design.You have a good taste.

“its a unique concept” I guess it’s the reason. go through the link, and read about “sodaplane”
(Logo Templates must not be too specific, and should work well with a variety of names)
Thats what I think when I see your Rocast and Songwriter

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Hello my friend Chiccosinalo,

The designes are unique and well crafted.

There are certain limitations that may have resulted to the rejection:

  1. The complexity of the customization.
  2. The two logos “Rocast” and “Song Ritter” limits the end-user from adding longer letters (company name).
  3. Another issue maybe if it isn’t compatible with version 8-10 (EPS).

Sadly, Envato Support system is quite slow and the only way to get faster response is to follow the steps below:
a. Open a ticket here
b. Leave a message or tweet “Please can someone attend to this ticket (number)?” on their Twitter They will get back to you ASAP.

Keep up the good work bro.

Best regards.


Thanks @romlam i appreciate your comment, i will try to improve on the naming and positions. Hopefully it will be accepted.

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@mrcharlesbrown yes you are right for number 2. for number 1,3, all my logos are psd vector shapes and editable text and shapes.
I will try write support i hope they will get back to me on some feedback.
Thanks bro i will keep up the good work i wish you great sales on your work.
Thank you for your time

Good luck! Wish you approval

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thank you.