Annual subscription refund

I have a problem with Envato Elements. When buying a theme, I received an Envato Elements prompt to buy an unlimited subscription, giving me access to unlimited themes, etc. It turns out that this theme is not included in the themes to which I now have access.
I am annoyed because the advertising was false on this theme. I do not know or contact Envato for a refund.

If I buy this theme separately, it goes against the goal of having an unlimited subscription. I need help solving this problem quickly, so I can buy the new theme I need and continue my project.

I’m disapointed. Thank you


I think you can continue your project with single product/item from themeforest.

Helpful article about Envato elements subscription cancellation

Open a Support Ticket for cancelling your subscription hope they will help you out from your issue.


Hello and merry christmas.
I opened a ticket a week ago and nobody answers me.
My ticket number is (Removed by mods).
I’m worried.
thank you so much


Wait for their reply hope they will reply(now its weekend/holiday time) to you soon they have a ticket queue they are replying people one by one.
I’m tagging Envato team member to checking your ticket about Envato Elements.
@BenLeong @steve_lam Could you please give reply to this user @Hypaepa

Ohhh thanks to you :slight_smile:

May be the reply is some delay because of weekend and holidays (christmas). Don’t worry support team will reply you as quickly they can. Please keep patience. Thanks