Annual Subscription Refund - Mod insight



I just wanted to post my message to customer service here, as well as through the ticket service.

I recently purchased the Envato Elements Annual subscription and was very excited to use it. I wanted to use all of the different resources available, including images, 3D renderings, etc, but I did not know that the themes in Themeforest are not the same as the ones in Elements, so i was unable to factor that into my purchase until after the fact.

I ended up just purchasing the theme anyway and I chalked it up to a mistake on my part. Then, I tried to use the other feature I was really excited about, the 3D element. Only after clicking on a model did I realize that they are all simply pictures of 3D models and not the models themselves. As a visual effects artist, this makes my use of the service as a whole impossible. I even tried to use the files on their own as PSD’s, but found that you can’t zoom in on individual aspects of the model, and even trying to zoom in in Photoshop won’t work because the models are at a very low resolution (in terms of graphic design).

It is for these reasons that I would like to request a refund. I just wanted to glean any insight that the moderators might have on these matters.

Thank you for your time



While only support would be able to answer this, it sounds like something which they would treat on a case by case basis.

Purely in a personal perspective - envato do make what’s on offer clear using, amongst other things the pricing table which is unavoidable when subscribing to elements, and by giving access to search elements items without needing to sign up.

Truth be told (not an attack on anyone specifically) even if they stuck a flashing banner at the top of the page reiterating things, I would bet that there would still be a % of people who make this same mistake for whatever reason.

This all said there are numerous threads about people signing up thinking that they get access to the whole of envato as opposed to just Elements files; or that they didn’t realize annual subscription was needed for some file types etc. and there is clearly a need to do something to help further with this.

Email support who will hopefully be able to help you out.