Annoying sound in the speakers

Hello !

First of all I want to say that I don’t speak English very well, I’m sorry for my mistakes.

I have had a problem with my PC for a few days.

I have an annoying noise in my speakers, I use yamaha hs5.

The speakers are connected to the PC through the audio interface from Focusrite, until almost 4 days ago I had no problem.
I also tried the connection on a test laptop (the noise disappears)

I searched the internet and I think I face coil whine.

Do you have any idea what I could do, has anyone ever encountered this problem?

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Maybe Ground wire problems?
Maybe another device creates interferences? Like a smartphone

Thank you very much for your involvement but
I don’t think that’s the problem.
For example, when I turn on the PC and do not work on it, the sound is not very strong, but when I start working, using programs, the sound gets worse.
It’s like a vinyl sound.

Like a 180gr Vinyl or a 12" single? :wink: :joy:

Mmm… I remember to hear the HDD working in some speakers. Also the wifi signal.
I would say it is a ground problem. Have you changed or move something from where it was these days?

both vinyl sounds:joy::joy::joy:

I tried to move the PC to another power supply but it didn’t work, otherwise I didn’t make any other changes before this problem occurred.

Well, right now i would say, try another speakers? Is it possible? So you can know where the sound comes from.

But when I connect them to the laptop, the sound disappears, I think the problem comes from somewhere on the PC

Yes! you said it, sorry.

Sorry, I don’t want to upset you.
But the speakers are ok since they work perfectly on the laptop

For example, I tried with headphones, I took a speaker out of the interface and the same sound in the headphones

Hey! you dont upset me! hahaha
Have you tried another electricity plug? I dont know the exact name in english.

yes i tried but nothing

I dont know what more to say, it is complicated from here.
Maybe someone else can help.

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Thank you very much, maybe someone knows the answer, maybe someone in turn had the same problem

Can you provide more details? What DAW are you using? Buffer size? Are you using the dedicated asio drivers? When you tested on laptop did you use the same interface? ( soundcard) . Are there any software that are a possible cause to generate this type of sound? I know it sounds hilarious but that happened. Vst like RC20 or Vinyl or some tape emulators are artificially generating vinyl or tape noise. Are there any cables inserted in audio inputs ? Is the antivirus / firewall active? Trick question.Are all your vst’s / daw genuine? Some time bomb scripts may behave this way, too.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The sound does not appear only when I am in DAW (I use FL Studio) for example if I put a folder in the archive (ZIP) the noise gets worse, while the folder is loading my speakers goes crazy.

On the test laptop I used the same audio interface.

This sound like a weird video drivers interference. First of all, i’d upgrade all the drivers.Interface, and anything possible. Motherboard and video card drivers. ( bios also, and disable fast boot option) .Also test your memories and Hdd for errors.


Thank you, I will try what you proposed to me and I will come back.

There may be a problem with the installed drivers.
Another problem may be a product defect.

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Hello guys !

I updated all the drivers every day but the problem still persists.