animator for blood wanted

hey there,

i´m looking for an animator or team who can animate red liquid for me.
for an exhibition i wanna cover a wall in blood. Or more precise, make a wall bleed.
i have 4 beamers (each one with 1280x 720 px) and splitter so the whole composition should be 1440px high and 2560px wide.
The Animation is shown over the whole day
I guess the length of the loop will be a question of budget, but the longer the better.

every single drip of blood should have the following characteristics:

  • emerging/bleeding through the surface


  • dripping down as realistically as possible

  • leaving a trail that slowly drains away

  • merge with other drips when they meet

  • increase thickness/ (and maybe speed) when drips have merged

  • one bleeding spot can emerge more than one drip in his life

general composition things:

  • light comes from above and right side (like half 13:30h)
  • most drips can run out of the frame at the bottom of the composition.
  • Some smaller ones can end their life and travel in the composition and fade like above
  • some drips can enter the frame at the top
  • all drips best be as different in size/thickness/speed as possible or physically realistic
  • id like to have the wall nearly completely red at least once in the loop

best things last: i need the loop 02. of Mai 2018

Main Questions: can u do this? and for how much?

love to hear from you



Here are two packs that maybe help you to create dripping blood.

Paint Elements vol.3 =

Paint Elements vol.4 =

I hope my answer is helpful.

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