Animate() with jQuery with easing choppy on firefox?

Hello All,

I have one more question:

I am making a template which heavily relies on the animate() function with easing of jquery (jquery-1.4.3.min.js and jquery.easing.1.3.js). It basically animates a very big div (about 4000+ pixels)
It works correctly on all browsers (inluding IE) except firefox - in firefox sometimes the animation is choppy. It is not choppy if I close all other tabs and disable plugins such as the html validator. I have researched online and have seen a few people complaining about the same… so is there any way to fix it ?

I have even seen Nivo slider not working correctly in some web sites when I have opened a lot of different tabs in firefox…

I am using Cufon and rounded corners for mozilla but even after turning it off it becomes choppy sometimes.

It appears that when firefox is using too much memory this problem occurs.

I am running Win 7 with 4gb RAM if i matters.

Many thanks.

Very Sorry, I must have pressed ‘report’ instead of reply…

So Marks’s question was - which version of Firefox? My answer - FF 3.6.12

Any JS Errors - NO

Preview? - Currently I am testing with Localhost, it is not hosted, I will try to host it so that I can post a link here.

by the way it works like a charm if I do not have many tabs open in FF.

i have the same version and i use w7 (8gb) and i have a lot of tabs open but i dont have that problem.

Here is the link -

Since now I am posting the link, and as it is going to be my first submission for TF could I get some feedback also :wink: (though it is still under construction).

Mods, now it is becoming an item discussion, so please feel free to move to item discussions. Thanks.

So, I checked your demo in FF4 beta, Chrome, Safari and Opera on OSX, I can check that later in FF3.6 and others as well on Win7 later if you want to.

FF4.0 runs smoothly, but I had only 5 tabs opened. In Chrome the animation was a bit choppy with 12 tabs opened in background. Safari was clean of any tabs and animation went smoothly. In Opera it was choppy even though there were no tabs opened.

Firefox is pretty CPU hungry when you have lots of tabs opened (especially if you have some plugins active), that’s why you may be experiencing slowdowns in animation, even Chrome didn’t go smoothly when I had more tabs opened.

Let me know if you want me to test it under Win7 too.

Thanks pogoking.
Is it acceptable quality? Or too choppy to be accepted for TF ?

Should I change the sliding all together? Or move to motools (read some posts that it performs better than jquery)?

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. For me it is just one small hang when the animation speeds up. It really all depends on how many tabs you have open at one time. If I had 100 tabs opened even hovering over text links wouldn’t run smoothly :slight_smile: I don’t think that it’s the performance of javascript library, it’s rather how fast and smooth can a browser render and move around elements, so it all comes down to hardware/browser load. It may be a case with processing threads too, as you not only animate the big container but also move up/down the bottom of the page in the same time.

I might be wrong though, these are all my assumptions. I’d like to see, just out of pure curiosity, how would MooTools work. Has anyone seen/performed testing comparing different javascript libraries?

Well, I am also thinking now that sliding up could be a cause, I will make it sequential. But even when sliding up was not there, the animation wasn’t smooth. Agree with your say on performance though!..

About motools being faster - I have no idea how motools works … I just read it on stackoverflow and some other forums…

OK, so the problem really was that when trying to slide AND alter height together (with easing) it was too much to ask for …

I sequenced all animation and it works so smooth now … delight to watch :slight_smile:

Thanks Pogoking … would you mind giving it another try ?

Any feedback on overall design :wink: ?