Angular Website Template Rejected Reason ?

I want to know the reasons for my project being rejected so that I can consider the next projects.

Here is the link to my demo

I supplied them with 2 folders, the folder containing my demo resources and a starter folder containing clean setup files, which contains a cleanup setup of the template.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Don’t be sad, my friend. I have been rejected for years and have not given up yet
This was rejected today

You’re at the beginning of your journey, and themeforest only accepts the highest quality designs
This is our problem, not themeforest’s problem
Find people better than you to learn from
Always improve your skills
If you tried, you are better than those who did not try, and you will accept it next time

I wish you good luck next time and I’m sure you will succeed
Then tell me so I can share the joy with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just want to confirm that I understand the “hard reject” correctly.

Can I make additional changes to my template and upload it again, or must I change everything about it including the name ?

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hello Dear
You must design a different design that is worthy of competing with the top designers on the scene
You should feed your eyes well by seeing the new designs in the market
You should study colors well
You should read a lot about typography
You should choose premium images from sites that offer free licenses or, if possible, buy high-quality images, which I don’t like at first
You should study well html, sass and js
You should learn the meaning of clean code
You must be careful with your design and review it more than once, and every time you will find a part that needs better modification, and you will discover this for yourself
Final tip:
We work for money, this is true, but in the beginning, do not let all your concern be collecting money from designs. You are at the beginning of your journey with Themeforest or as a freelance designer. Just let your design speak for you and the money comes to you more than you want.
Do not compare the beginning of your planting with the harvest season of others
I wish you success