Angular template from themeforest or similar

I need a suggestion. I am a beginner in angular. I need to build a billing app and have chosen angular for it.

Would it be better and faster to purchase an angular admin template to start with from a website such as themeforest or similar website?


I’m pretty new here, but over 7 years of development experience.

If you are starting in Angular, and want to do a project in Angular,
I think it would have been easier for you to buy HTML and make it Angular on your own.

Some reasons for this:

  • You will not have to search and understand how each component is constructed
  • Once you build it yourself from HTML, you will learn better Angular
  • In my opinion, it is more efficient and faster.

Thank you.

You can use my template in Angular 11 which uses the best practices suggested by the Angular team. I built it to show how to call the eshop-api.