ANGLY angular 8 template DOES NOT WORK! IT IS A SCAM!

I have bought Angly in angular 8 template and it does not work at all. This is a scam! I have asked assistance and I did not receive at all any answer!

With respect, the author has replied to you with solutions the same day that you messaged them.

We can’t comment on the technical issues (which sound like they may be related to your hosting), but to claim ‘I don’t receive at all any answer’ is simply not true and claims like that would potentially prevent you getting any refund if that proved to be an option

I am sorry! That was the first question I asked about hosting. But the second question about the template WAS NOT ANSWERED AT ALL! I am waiting since three days ago! I cannot waste my time and money with something that does not work at all! I am asking my money back!!!
This person does not respect the buyers!!
First email ( sent three days ago) :slight_smile:
I have just purchased 24 $ this template. But info about installation is lacking.
Please I request urgently more documentation!
Second email (sent two days ago):
I have deployed your template and see what happened on
This is not the complete template!
What’s happened ? Please provide me complete info and instructions!
Third email (sent 1 day ago):
Since you do not answer to my question I am compelled to ask back my money!
This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! I will go to police now!

This author DOES NOT RESPECT!!!