Android Template how many day wait ?

how many day i wait to publish my item ?
my item template android .

can any one told me becouse right now iam waiting 3 day and still Queued for Review also i see down it Submitted 3 days ago ?

its mean publish or not ??

iam new to selling item here


Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. You can often refer to the average review times at the link below as a guideline, but these are just averages and the actual review time could be few days shorter or longer than those listed:


i wish to admin active my item as soon

today i open codecanyon and i didnt find my item for sale where can i find it if it active for sale ??

have you received any email that your item got approved or rejected? If received email about subject line Approved then you will find the item in your portfolio. If hard rejected then you will not find the item in codecanyon.