Android app of my available buddypress social community

I am looking for an android app of my available buddypress site with core functionalities of it, like:

posting in groups / comments
user lists etc.

all this is already available in my wordpress buddypress site.

The android app should hook as well into the notification feature of buddypress to push on the devices.

Thats it. Is someone able to handle this with small amount of work?


You need a webview app?
If so, I am planning to publish an awesome webview app for android next week…
Wait it :grinning:

Simplest as possible with some good user experience + push notifications to mobile.

Could you handle that?

You know webview apps?
It shows your website as it is… No difference between your website and app…

And you can add push notifications…

Push notification means automatic pushes for events, not when I want to send something to users.

Is that what it does?

Yes it does…