Andaman Theme Mobile menu issue

I recently used the Andaman theme for a website build and it looks great on desktop, however, there is an issue with the mobile menu. The main navigation works when you don’t have subnavigation for that section of your website but if you do then the main tier navigation isn’t clickable. Anyone know how to fix this?


Please contact your purchased theme Author through Item Support page and let them know. your theme Author will assist you.


I downloaded the theme through envato elements which unfortunately doesn’t include the support

Then please wait and if anyone have experience about the theme and your issues then hopefully will reply you here. Thanks

We’re having the same issue. When on mobile, menu links with nested items aren’t functioning properly. The Top Level link isn’t “tappable” however the nested link under it is. This seems fairly straight forward, but the developer should be notified and we should receive an update.

I’ve notified Dankov Themes support via email - just received a non-delivery email.

Also - I wasn’t aware of the lack of support regarding Elements, therefore - we may be cancelling our subscription very soon. Ridiculous that we can’t get a message to the developer. Envato support should be assisting customers with something of this nature.

Were you able to find a resolution for your menu issues, or did you abandon the theme for another?

We didn’t abandon the theme but we did add a unnecessary duplicate link to the sub nav hoping someone would eventually give us some help. And we too were unaware that elements was not supported. Let us know if you find an answer