And the Elite Author status goes to

Congrats, man!

Congrats! :tada:

Well deserved. Great work Waderman. Congratulations to you.

Congrats Waderman! Great achievement :sunglasses:


Many thx buddies - keep on rockin´the jungle

Congrats, brother! Well deserved! :slot_machine:

Wow, that must be a great feeling! Congratulations :slight_smile:

I wish the continuation of your success.


Thx guys, yes a bit of pride when I look back to the days when I started and saw Tim McMorris and Pinkzebra with that “Elite Author” (uuuhhh) logo.
Then I remeber a thread with the really true sentense: It´s not a sprint, it´s a marathon.

And it still is. Hold on tight to your tracks, be creative and not a clone.

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Congrats buddy! Nice job!

Congratulations! Keep it up!):sunglasses::grinning:

@Waderman Congratulations :tada:

You made it! Congratulations Dirk! :tada:

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Congrats Dirk, very well done and very well earned! :slight_smile:

Wow congratulations! :smiley: :beer::beer::beer:

Thx Mat, your reviews are always welcome :slight_smile: