And The Best Notation Software For Reaper is...

Well,… that’s the thing - I actually don’t know :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any first hand experience using notation software with Reaper? It’s not usually something I require, but I have a few projects going on where I need different tracks in sheet music arrangements.

Any help is much appreciate!! Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw someone working with Sibelius trough rewire. If you are not working with a very complex score, MuseScore is free, wont hurt to try it. :slight_smile:

I don’t know for Reaper but, Cubase and Sibelius work together in rewire mode if Reaper has that or similar I don’t know?

A more advanced setup is also to use loopbe30 between to play back samples from the daw and not from the notation program.

I’ve read that Reaper 5 will have it’s own notation software (or at least some integrated one).

And since there were no updates within the last 2 months, I think and hope that it will be released soon! A beta version is already out, but I didn’t try it.

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I’d also recommend either Sibelius or Finale for notation - export your MIDI file and adjust in one of those two programs so it’s more readable / realistic for players to perform and you should be fine (or hire an orchestrator if it’s a one off or particularly complex notation, it will be worth it believe me!).