And new idea

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying high res realistic 3d renders that would feature:

  • Separate Reflection/Shadow/Specular/Masks 6 useful layers total
  • Isolated Main Layer
  • Realistic Reflections
  • Multiple Angles of each Item

Any item requested can be created.

Basically my thinking is, maybe people who create mockups could use these renders and passes (extended license) to create new mockups and sell them on Graphicriver or where ever you choose…

Here is a quick sample of quality renders can be any size requested

I noticed the 3D render section wasnt getting much love and I was thinking this could be really useful

Let me know if anyone is interested in this! :slight_smile:

PS if anyone would like to partner up and use my renders to create mockups I am up for negotiating that!

hi buddy do not ask yourself why … if u want to have u either have to use for a freelance project or buy an extended licence for the concerned element, which is simply unaffordable … so people do not buy that’s this simple, this doesn’t mean they are not interested , they just cannot afford …

My thinking was, people could buy these, create a mockup and sell it for much more than the extended license cost them over time! :stuck_out_tongue:

u are dreaming, unless u are sacrificing your item and making extended license at the price of a normal license … and in this case doe guys may legitimately be mad at u and u would get into dumping pricing policy

I don’t get how these are different from other PSD files for sale already like (they have shadows etc in many of them)?

Why do you not just sell them from your account? Then you may sell it for more than the value of a single extended license over time?

Am I missing something?

Basically you have to put a lot of work into the RAW renders (smart objects layers/designs etc) to make them into a mockup.

These would be the blank renders/photos people use to MAKE the mockups. So in short its providing the artists with the base materials to create mockups :smile:

I can render high quality raw images at a much higher rate than I can create mockups. So if there is demand for them am happy to provide