And I do not understand why I do not have the theme template that I want

hello I just acquired the license that I actually thought I was buying the template I want, as I do to have the template and install it myself I’m lost

Hello @mesalhe

Welcome to the forums! If it’s in the demo then it should be in the theme. Have you read the documentation with the theme?

Hello @mesalhe

Have you tried to reach out to Publisher theme author for support? If not, please use following section:

And I’m sure they can help.

Install Demo


Hello, wanting to buy the theme between this site thinking was to acquire the theme but they sent me 4 files 2 in .rar and then I do not have to do with this exactly

and I want this theme that I will put down

and I do not know what to do now, I’m very confused with this.

I do not know if I buy the subject or buy something else the truth I do not understand well

1) How To Download Your Items

2) Installation

3) Install Demo


thank you now, he made these steps and soon I tell you if everything went well

hello, when I want to install anyone tells me this message

“Please register your theme”

I can do the same prosedimiento in several pages, is it unlimited?

Hello @mesalhe

4) How to Register Publisher


and can I do the same process in several wordpress that I manage? I want to use the themes in 3 pages

Hello @mesalhe

Use in a single end product!


in my case it is not any client I want to use the themes for my own sites that will be 4 for the moment, open some problem with it?

Hello @mesalhe

Please consider asking this question to the author of your theme if you haven’t yet already. Here is their support information:


Regardless of client or your own sites - 1 license = 1 Website

Each website that you want to use it on will require buying a new copy