And after many and many items accepted... 2 consecutive rejections.


I’m here since about one year and I got almost the 99% of my items accepted.
I usually deal with indie-rock, funk, jazz and other fields not too exposed.

Last week I received 2 consecutive rejections for 2 items in corporate-technology category, but in my opinion both produced with same quality and method I try to put in my music.

It’s been a coincidence or are these categories really over saturated?
Any thoughts about this?


The 3rd consecutive rejection arrived some minutes ago…
Never happened like this, no complain but I think something is changing.

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Based on your portfolio you are using rock drums in corporate tracks. In some cases this works, but usually more electronic sounding kits fit this genre better. But it’s pretty hard to give advice if one can’t listen to the tracks. :wink:

And yes, this market section is horribly over saturated. :slight_smile:

Thanks @SixideBeats,

I agree, only sometimes I produce in corporate-tech and maybe I did not make the right sounds.

But the 3rd reject was on a jazz lounge tune, a genre on which I often work, it worries me!

Anyway, if they have raised the bar, even our quality will have to get up!

Let’s see what happen :wink: