Analytics Tab - Any Issues?

As the caption of the thread already says it all… Are you follow author friends having any issues with displaying the ANALYTICS TAB of your items?

Thanks, friends ; please let us know.


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Same issue…

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seems fixed… :smiley:

I think it may be an “end of the month” thing… Sorry if that was the case.

Y2K style problem :smiley:

Don’t worry . It’s happens some time . Just try a bit later .

@Bedros by the way, The fonts on your screenshot looks horrible. Are you browsing the market like that? Which OS do you use?

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It was all ok, but later the “tax” thing, my screen start to render like that :grin:

LOL. I hope you are not from a country with 30% withheld :smiley:

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luckily I am from the 10% side.

yes, same thing for me i also get this issue some times…

its broken for two months