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I think I’m right in saying that our own views are collected when we click on our items, correct? This means that any time we check out item’s analytics we are skewing the view count. This is especially problematic when checking analytics multiple times a day (if that’s the kind of thing you’re into).

So wouldn’t it be useful to have an analytics button which bypasses the item’s page so you’re not adding to the page views yourself? For example, alongside the ‘download’ and ‘edit’ buttons in the portfolio.

I just thought that would be useful!

If you access the analytics tab via the “edit” button, thus not actually hitting the item page, you won’t be counted as an additional view.


Ok, good, so there is a way to do it without affecting the data! I guess I’m just lazy and I want 1 less mouse click :joy:

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I don´t usually trust in analytics, a lot of those clicks come from others authors.

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Not quite. I’ve experimented and going via the edit button reduces the count of your own views every time you check from 2 to 1 but it still counts as a view every time you go to the analytics page for an item, even if you haven’t actually viewed the item page.

Oh really? My bad. So there’s really nobody checking out my tracks? :frowning:

I didn’t understand what you mean by that though:

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I didn’t understand what you mean by that though:

if you go to the analytics page via the item description page (which I used to do) it counts 2 views: 1 for viewing the item description page + 1 for viewing the analytics page.

ok, gotcha.