An urgent need for an improved Envato support area


We are the creators of Support Board, a support and chat solution that utilizes advanced AI and smart features.

There is an urgent need for an improved Envato support area as it is negatively affecting both customers and authors.
The support provided in the comments section of Envato has always been poor. However, as the use of AI tools increases to aid authors in improving customer support, this deficiency is no longer acceptable.

Our modern software enables us to provide better support with the help of various tools.

  1. Use of chatbots trained with users’ questions that become smarter as more questions are asked.
  2. Smart replies (like the ones of Gmail) to suggest answers based on the user’s last message.
  3. OpenAI message rewriting to write messages that are always grammatically correct, more professional, and more friendly.
  4. Training the above features on the fly, in real-time, with new users’ questions.
  5. Two ways auto-translations of user and support messages.
  6. Envato purchase code validation and support expiration check.

As authors on Envato, we face a challenge in that there is no API for reading or writing comments, nor is there a clear pathway for routing users to our support channel. This limitation means that we are unable to utilize modern tools and are instead forced to reply manually through an outdated UI, which can feel like a step back in time.

I understand that some authors may direct users to their personal support area by asking them to contact through a specific link. However, this solution can be time-consuming and ineffective as users may still ask questions in the comments section. Additionally, this can lead to a mix-up of multiple support areas and an overwhelming number of repetitive comments.

I am hopeful that someone in a leadership position at Envato will take the time to read this message and respond with encouraging updates for all of us.

Goodbye everyone!