An Update that completely rewrites the original (script)

Hi. This is my first post but I have been a member for a couple of years. I have a PHP Login script for sale on CodeCanyon that is selling relatively ok, with 303 purchases in the first year. Since I released the script, my coding and design skills have come a long way and so I want to update my script.

The update will change a lot of the original design (css styles, look and feel) and mess a fair bit with the original folder structure. Because of the nature of my script, the purchaser has most likely made a lot of subtle amendments to my script to get it to work with his or her site.

Anyway, is it okay to make such drastic changes and expect the purchaser to be happy with that. Or should I release a brand new script? DO I have to make sure that someone who purchased the original script can update it to the new one, if they have made changes, or only if they haven’t made changes.

Any advice is appreciated.


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