An Update from the Market Quality Team (average review times)

My Experience tells it requires following things.

  1. at least 5 Themes of different Categories, (its big investment of time which is money)
  2. Some Investment for Marketing, people take time to trust new markets.

Its not impossible , even independant shops are better for customers cause they get good support on everything. … but its hard to get it rolling…

HTML templates are almost impossible to sell on your own site. unless you have made some customers already.

I’m L2 Elite and I always did all alone. Depends how hard you work and how much knowledge you have. I started as webdesigner in 1998, then got a master in cognitive psychology, then studied frontend and backend programming, then I studied wordpress and started doing themes.
Has been hard to start but I did it and keep on doing for living.
In the meantime I became an international music producer and play as dj around the world.
All depends on your will. Wake up in the morning and work hard untill you go to sleep, that’s all. :slight_smile:


Content marketing then, it will do the trick!

Thanks so much

Review times are starting to get out of control once more. Two weeks for an HTML or PSD first review and 20-25 days for the WP category. Isn’t anyone controlling this? can’t we get an official answer on what are you guys doing to decrease the review time? Because it’s been steadily growing since quite a while @KingDog @jremick



132 days for video stock review!? And its getting worse every week… Why is this so!? Isnt envato going to do anything about it?


1+ year later nothing changes.

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I’d love to comment on the topic and share my thoughts, but ^ahem^ some-people-here are allergic to other people pointing the obvious and also finds offensive and disrespectful the word described in ^louder ahem^ THE Cambridge English Dictionary as

causing feelings of sadness, sympathy, especially because a person or an animal is suffering;

in first place. There is a second meaning, of course, but how do they know which one I meant is a dark mystery. :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

It’s been more than a month since our last post, and not only we don’t have any type of official response, but review times keep being out of control. Can we get some kind of response?

@jremick those are your own words and 1+ year later we still have problems with review times

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Please improve review times and bring back to good old 7 days.

Thank you for your information! Hope to see an Envato even more comfortable for buyers and Authors! :1st_place_medal:

Hi everyone,

Late last year I moved teams and no longer oversee review times. I’ll ask the new team manager if they can provide an update.

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So… 6 days passed, any update?

Thank you for the info, appreciate it. Thank you also for your hard work.

is there any possibility to bring back review times to good old 7 days. ?


@jremick sorry to mention you, but seeing that we don’t know who is handling this now and that already it’s already been almost two weeks without an answer, you are the only one who we know…since our June 9th post, that none answered, you can see that review times for categories like HTML or PSD are even worse than before, now it’s more than 2 weeks to review!

Sorry, Odin; while I’m aware of the current review times, I’m not able to provide any updates on why or whether there are any plans to address them. I’ll raise this thread with a few more people and see if we can get an update.

Hi Any news about that update, because it’s been almost 2 months since our initial post and we still don’t have an update. In the meantime, review times for HTML templates has now reached 23+ days…

Hi folks

Sorry for the delay in following up and thanks @jremick for looping me into this conversation. As he mentioned in a previous post, responsibility for review times now lives with me and my team - a new team called Author Success (a topic worth a post in its own right - hopefully some time in the near future).

It’s been just over a year since this thread was first started and a lot has changed in that time. Many of the changes announced back then have been implemented. We’ve added new reviewers across the board, a product team dedicated to improving quality and review tooling, another product team looking at new tech, and an insights team that provides a great deal of support in the data analysis department.

However, the volume of item submissions has continued to climb in most categories, and despite all of these improvements, we’re still struggling to keep up.

So, we’ve started testing new approaches. For example, back in April, we removed pre-publication review for all of our photo authors (on Market and Elements) and replaced it with a new system we’re calling “author management” (learn more). We’ve also just announced a new approach to bringing down the stock footage queue that relies on sampling (check out the forum announcement).

As James says in the stock footage forum post, we’re not yet sure if these are approaches we’ll adopt forever or roll out to other marketplaces. For now, we’re paying close attention to the data and feedback from our reviewers and authors, iterating where possible and trying to see if we can uncover a new way that delivers a good quality outcome and a better author experience.

What does this mean for review times today? Relief for stock footage authors should come soon and we’re actively planning steps we can take in the immediate term to address some of the longer ThemeForest wait times. But, these are tricky problems to solve - there are lots of factors to consider and there’s no silver bullet. We’re committed to solving them, though, and we’re throwing a lot of people and energy at them to give us the best chance at success.

I’m sure many of you were hoping for a more definitive answer and I’m sorry I can’t provide one at this stage. We’ll continue to keep you posted here in the forums and we thank you for all for your patience while we work on this.


Hi @natman thanks for the reply!
Having read in another review times topic that almost 70% of Themeforest submissions are rejected, why don’t you hire more people to skim through that? We know that a good reviewer takes time to train, but maybe you can hire people with design background to help the reviewers with the process. That way some reviewers will solely check for design approval, to then send them to the experienced reviewers to check the code. That way they will act as a “first barrier”. With this, you won’t loose so much time training new reviewers (for a speedy solution) and senior reviewers won’t have to waste time with basic review things and just check the code to approve. It’s just a suggestion to help in the short term :slight_smile: