An Update from the Market Quality Team (average review times)

So where is update?

Hey folks,

Given the number of different threads we have discussing this issue, we’ve created a new topic containing the update.

I think it’s a really good idea to make a limitations for upload.But maybe 2 items is to small.
It’s ok for music or logos,but for sounds the number could be a little bigger )
But it will for shure create less opportunities for spam and authors could work better on their items)

Whats the point to make limitation for uploads, if Envato lose money from this restrictions? If they keep following their strategy, all the things them (and we) need - simply more reviewers, to have at least STABLE review queue time per item.

Great News :slight_smile: thanks Very much

None of this worked out, we have now review times touching 3 months for the first review in themeforest / WordPress.

hi there
my item is “Queued for Review” for 16 day ago for a muse template, is that normal ?

My item is “Queued for Review Submitted 24 days ago” for a email template. It is a very long time

So sad to see how Envato ignore concerns from even Elite authors :frowning:


With measurable review time, authors can plan the business more specific. When develop new item & when its can be earned.

Problem is that, they have nothing to say but have more to work upon. From author’s side, what we can do is only HOPE FOR THE BEST!

All this story is unbelievable.
I’m already waiting since almost 2 months.

The worst is, now all the plugins compatibility is fu***ed up because the theme is already obsolete.
And we can’t even update the submission with a newer version.
This sucks so badly.

And I loose an average of 3k$ a month, so already 6K lost.

Sounds like there is some bigger problem or secret policy revolution behind all this, because all the normal companies, when have a bigger work load, hire and train people in 1 week.

Should it take 3 or 4 weeks for a more techy training? Ok, understandeable, but then the situation should be solved.

all this issue leads to real problem in real people’s life. Employees who can’t be paid, rents which can’t be paid, noone cares…

Maybe Envato already made enough money and don’t care anymore about the authors. The boat is sailing fine, don’t need to check the direction anymore…

Who knows, we just get a bounce of diplomatic answers.

After all the cash that we authors made you earn, this is the way it goes.
I’m not angry just very very sad about what’s happening to a product which took 7 months of hard work to be created, and is already getting old.
And this is happening to lots of people too.

Very good, satisfying collaboration.
Then please send more satisfaction surveys via email, will definitely take my time to answer.


This is same issue i am facing i left my clients to work on envato now its costing a lot each month. First spend months to develop an item then for approval and at last hard rejected its not just one item . Maybe reviwers are best developers on earth but the authors who already have approved items in same category should recive at least 100 words of real reply. I think losing my dignity here.

last year after 4 soft rejects for stupid reasons for a theme, I decided to open my own ecommerce site and sell it. I sell this theme for 100€, i get about 3 times the cash I get for a sale on Envato, customers are super happy, and i make almost double of the money i make on Envato selling the total of other themes and products.

Just to say, that reviewers can be also replaced by machines providing some random score just to limit the amount of items, and random reviews taken from an array of phrases, and is the same…

I’m happy in that case I didn’t have my product on this market because the small amount of work needed to promoted it has been tons of times repaid by the incomes, sign that was a successful product and the tons of rejects were stupid.

No no, the product is not a problem, is very good and is not related to Wordpress but only to HTML, like bootstrap. Is all about marketing. Your success is related to this.

Answer to a exact market niche, and behind this project there is big strategy research, so if you understand this you should agree with me that is all about marketing.

This depends on 2 things:

  1. what you know about marketing
  2. your product.

I’ve been in your site and sincerely I don’t understand what’s that for, why shouldn’t I use wordpress which is free instead of that?
It doesn’t really answer to a market need.
If you don’t start from a marketing research before creating a product, is all wasted time.
Like spending a year to invent the wheel…

Then of course a bit of content marketing helps… but nothing more, no adwords or other similar ads.

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A single man cannot do all tasks. You need to have a diverse team.

A single good developer can do a better work than a poor team, Bootstrap has been build by two people and others big projects also

Yes, if it is about development then fine. But, i am talking about SEO, SMM and SEM. You need to have solo member in your team to work full time on that.

Yes, this is what I meant. I agree with you, is required a big amount of time and marketing experts.

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