An SEO fix for items in search engine results on the wrong domains

Hi everyone!

A new Product Manager appears!

I’m a new Product Manager at Envato and quite excited to be on the team :slight_smile: I’m working with a team of developers, UX designers, copywriters and marketing specialists, improving Envato’s websites to increase the flow of meaningful traffic from sources like search engines, social media, affiliates, and email lists among others.

Some fun facts about me:

  • Films I like: The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Music I like: Manu Chao, Fela Kuti, The Bamboos, Groundation, Salmonella Dub
  • Book authors I like: Arthur C. Clarke, H.P. Lovecraft, Alistair Reynolds, Neil Gaiman
  • Foods I like: Burritos, pizza, Thai curries, ice cream

I’m looking forward to contributing to the Envato community’s success. :slight_smile:

News: An update to improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I’m pleased to announce that we’re rolling out a fix on an issue that has been having an affect on how items are ranked in search engine results.

What’s the issue?

Items from one Envato marketplace, like ThemeForest, were being incorrectly indexed (by search engines like Google) on several other Envato marketplaces, like AudioJungle and GraphicRiver. If a human tried to access an item via an incorrect URL, they were being automagically redirected to the correct URL.

In other words - items created on one Envato market could be accessed from other Envato market domains.

However - this means search engines were seeing multiple, different URLs hosting the exact same content. Herein lies the issue; because search engines apply ranking penalties for duplicate content.

What’s the fix?

Our fix now generates a ‘410’ error page when an incorrect URL is accessed; so search engines attempting to index the incorrect URL are instead notified that the incorrect URL no longer exists, and asked to de-index it.

Any humans who access an incorrect URL will see the error page, and a very clear link to the item at the correct URL.

Affiliate members please note: Affiliate referral links are not affected by the fix. Attribution is not affected.

How might this fix affect you?

Ranking of Envato websites and pages will benefit from the reduction of incorrect URLs being indexed. This should lead to more traffic to our websites; increasing the chance of sales for all Envato authors.

If there are links to your item via an incorrect URL (eg, your AudioJungle item is linked to via a URL); some people may land on a ‘410’ error page where they can click a link to your item at the correct URL.

What should you be doing about it?

Not a whole lot! For the most part, just sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of improved search engine rankings :slight_smile: However, it might not be a bad idea to check any links on websites to your items that you’re aware of, outside of Envato marketplaces. You may need to update these links to point to the correct URL, to avoid landing on the error page.

For example: your item is published on ThemeForest. On your website and in your email footer you notice some links to this item are actually pointing at GraphicRiver - not ThemeForest. You should take a moment to update these links to point at ThemeForest.

Another example: you know your item is published in an article on someone’s blog. Check the link is pointing to the correct URL. If it’s not - reach out to the article author and ask them to update it.

I’m an affiliate member - is there anything else I need to know?

Just to reiterate: traffic from affiliate members are excluded from this fix. We’ll reach out to affiliate members via email to provide some guidance for fixing any affected item links.

That’s it from me, for now. :slight_smile:



Good to know :slight_smile:

How much this should impact on general traffic of Themeforest?

Welcome to Envato and thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Nice fix and welcome to Envato! Glad to see more of you folk on the forums!

The impact of SEO fixes are notoriously difficult to estimate; because there are so many moving parts. :expressionless: For example:

  • competitor websites might improve their SEO techniques;
  • Google might update their algorithm;
  • other teams at Envato might make changes that impact UX (user experience).

Currently my team are focusing on a variety of “under the hood” SEO improvements in an effort to improve rankings of all Envato Marketplace pages in search engine results.


FYI this is showing the names of hard rejected items (if you just guess the item id).

hehe, even Collis gets hard rejected:

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Welcome and thank you for the info.

hey @ashb_en (and welcome!)

This may or may not be have anything to do with SEO, but the page breadcrumbs have always annoyed me. They don’t work on most inner item pages. They just link to the same page you’re already on. Might have an SEO benefit to fix them up, would definitely improve user experience.

Example #1: Viewing item reviews. Item name breadcrumb goes to same page:


Example #2: Viewing an individual review (from the email notification link), there is no way to return to the item. (only works when logged in)

Example #3: Viewing individual reviews doesn’t work (when logged out). Google will try to crawl this URL but this just redirects to the market home page:


Example #4: Viewing FAQ item. Same item name link broken as above. FAQ breadcrumb correctly returns to parent page. This one just doesn’t have the support tab highlighted.


Also related to your recent item redirection thing: keep an eye out for any links, where they use “x” as the item name, I believe I’ve seen these style links generated on some Envato marketing. They might have just used the item IDs and and relied on the automatic redirection. (even if the item is on another market). Donno, cannot remember where I saw it, but if you see a sudden spike in “x” item names then it’s probably come from some envato marketing effort.


I have much respect for SEO team! From my point of view, this is by far the most challenging part of Envato and the team skills must always be up-to-date, with no extra room for test and failures.

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Great pickup! We’ll have a look at this…

Another great pick up. I’ll pass this on to our UX team. Cheers!

@ashb_en Seeing the “The item you’re looking for has moved” message.

Example 1: Lets say you’re in your TF Statements page and click on a CC item, then you see that message.

Example 2: If you’re checking the latest reviews in your profile while at TF, then click the item link in a review. You’re sent to the item’s review page but then when you click on the “Item Details” tab, it shows the “item moved” message again since you’re still on TF and the domain link is wrong.

Our visits went sky rocketing from yesterday… could this be related to this fix, not that i am complaining but i would like to know what contributed to this. From my conversion analytics i am noticing a massive boost in referrals, i also see paypal referrals which were not there. Now either this is coincidence whit summer ending, seo fixes etc. or envato had things broken for more then a month.

Any possibilities to get some additional insight from envato overall analytics.

And can somebody check why is Germany at the bottom of top buyers. They use to be in top 3 or 4. May e something is wrong or maybe its just with us.