An questions about install wordpress

Hi to all:

I want to create a wordpress web page with multipurpose but I have a doubt.

An questions.

  1. Can I install wordpress to separate folders?

  2. Themeforest will accept as wordpress install separate folders?

Please help me, thank you very much.


Hi @JeriTeam,

Multipurpose theme is still just one theme in one folder, but with different layouts coded inside.
If you are curious about what the directory structure of single theme could look like, please check out this link:


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I understand it many thanks, regards.


Other question, Do I can add 16 footer and header differents? this will approved themeforest?


I see no reason why it wouldn’t be as long as your theme has decent quality in terms of design and code :slight_smile:


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Many thanks :slight_smile: I already solution

Please closed this forum regards.