An option to add multiple license when clients buying an item

Hi everybody,
I feel like Envato should provide an option to buy multiple license while clients buy an item. As of now, it has option to buy a Regular License or an Extended License, but it’s only for one domain or single end use. And normally clients never come back to buy another license (some client does).

I think, if there is an option to buy multiple license at a time, there will be high possibility that client will buy 2-3 license when purchasing.

What you guys think about this?

But there is an option to buy multiple license at once. It is a bit complicated though since you have to click “Add to cart” button at the item detail page multiple times. I don’t understand why it is not possible to do it directly in the cart, but you can buy more licenses at once.

Exactly, and it’s not user friendly. And most of clients doesn’t know about that trick.

It would be so easy just to put an option to put Quantity of license they wish to buy. That’s how it will increase possibility of buying multiple license.

Envato should take action about it and make it more easy for clients.

I agree.


You can Contact Author Support and share your suggestions. hope envato team will think about it.


Thanks, but if we all in the community agrees with this fact it will be more effective than sending a support message.

If you guess agree with me, please reply “I agree” in this post, please

I agree.
I just bought 50 Avada licenses (black friday offer…) and and even if with the “add to cart” button, you have to be patient…

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