An observation on how products disappear in the void in time

I have recently spotted a blatant theft of one of my products. This tegarartha has copied my so called SPICE element project in an entirely identical way.

This is the stolen product (the picture is from the tutorial / aep):
And here is the original:

The interesting thing is that - even though it is incredibly poorly presented - it already has 6 sales in 2 days. My SPICE project (created in april 2015) is not even close to that nowadays. But it seems it could be if there weren’t tons of garbage on videohive. But I know it is a difficult business decision where to draw that line, I am just loudly dreaming of a better world where quality reigns over quantity.

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If the work is a clear copy of yours, you can send a DMCA and get it removed.

Sure, I know, thank you for your help!

I just wanted to express my mixed feelings about the mass of almost identical products, that nowadays inundate videohive with no creativity (quantity over quality instead of its desired exact opposite).


This applies to all markets not just videohive, codecanyon is the same.

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Yes, I guess so, I am aware that this is a tendency. I am curious to where it will eventually converge though, since I can clearly feel the drop of quality in 3-4 years time.