An interview to successful Audiojungle author Olexandr Ignatov 🎵

Hello all!

We just published the next interview in our blog, this time speaking with @OlexandrIgnatov, one of the most hard-working authors we’ve seen in this marketplace.

He has some useful tips and an interesting story, you can read it HERE.

Thank you very much Olexandr! It has been a pleasure! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! Hope it’ll be a useful and interesting read for our community. :raised_hand:


excellent :clap:


Excellent interview with the main man! Cheers! @OlexandrIgnatov you must be the hardest working guy here, it’s good to see that it also shows in your success!


Thanks for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:


Hmm… the Link does not open…

Wich country are you @anon10817699? It opens here (Spain). Let me know and I will talk with the hosting company.

It also doesn’t open here for me too (Ukraine)

I used chrome vpn extension (USA) and it worked. :slight_smile:

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I am in Russia, @SnailMusic.

Installed vpn addition as OlexandrIgnatov, and was able to open the article.
But it’s weird, because I’m free read your interview earlier.

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Article really inspires. Thanks, very interestingly!


Really interesting to read @OlexandrIgnatov and notice things in common with myself
@SnailMusic btw, also had to use vpn, your website usually doesn’t work for me without it

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@RoolenAudio @OlexandrIgnatov @anon10817699 just talked with the guys at the hosting company, they told me that they blocked some IP ranges from East Europe because of hacker attacks… and they told me nothing about it, what a mess… really sorry guys! I’m still talking with them to solve this asap, let’s see.

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