An interview to Mexikus: Ups & Downs to reach finally Elite on AudioJungle



Hello everyone!

This time, we had the pleasure to interview Arseniy, also known here as @Mexikus, in our blog. He started his journey on 2012 and recently became Elite Author here on AudioJungle, after many ups & downs.

You can read the whole story here: Mexikus Interview

Thank you very much Arseniy! :slight_smile:



Thank you! @SnailMusic :wink::+1: Congrats! @Mexikus :tada::confetti_ball::champagne:


He is a great composer, really!
I sincerely wish him success and the rapid creation own studio !!! )


Indeed he is! And a very nice guy!


Link doesn’t work. Any browser.


Works for us! Check it now @CustomMelody, maybe it was temporary :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for this snail


@GuitarNation you’re welcome! :slight_smile: Check also the interview to @ElevateAudio, it was very interesting!


Terrific insight and story! Great job @Mexikus very inspirational with your set backs and then success!


Great read, congrats @Mexikus!


Great interview!

I was thinking about one of the points that Mexicus makes in it, that he collected gradually a solid database of emails…
It’s very interesting to me if the clients are open to receiving emails with new updates, from authors that they support?


@ChoclateFix Yeah it’s an interesting point!

@Mexikus Arseniy, maybe you can do an in-deep explanation about how you started to collect emails?

Thank you very much!