An idea... a compatibility list

As a designer I love the options presented by many authors regarding their themes, and i understand that they do a lot of work regarding compatibility with other plugins and customization of those plugins they want to have as a feature for their themes, for that i thank you, and you are doing a great job.

When I start a new project i try to choose the best option for that project but sometimes i find that it is not, I don’t believe that i should get my money back after a certain time has expired and the whole process it’s kind of confusing and flawed in my opinion anyway, of course nobody ask for their money back when they eat the whole plate at a restaurant, so in my case, it’s ok, my bad, i shouldn’t picked that theme, let’s put it in the unusable folder until something shows up that might fit it, sometimes some themes are dropped for whatever reason and the support it’s gone, ok, sometimes authors say that testing all plugins for compatibilty is a monumental problem, for many reasons that i understand, what ever the reason might be, i have a suggestion.

When it comes to compatibilty with plugins could we create a table or a list fed by users, where we the actual customers can click a box, after testing a particular plugin and say if it is compatible or not? that might some questions for developers and users alike, why I say this? let me give you an example, i have a project which is an esports site and another that is a recipe site, on the first one i bought and tried four different themes before deciding which one was best and still it had some issues that conflicted with the chosen one, like something so strange that had seen before, a css conflict between a plugin that it’s used to organize the media folder and a sport event management plugin, i had to scrap the media organization plugin for the sake of the project, it’s getting there, it’s operational but not quite done yet, but working on it, the recipe site, i have bought a visual composer recipe generator, which in my opinion is the heart of the site, but so far i haven’t found the correct fit, some themes are great and might say they are for that type of site, but it only works within their own scheme or design, with not much space to customization, except if you pay extra for it, and still in my mind there is no guarantee that it might look the way i expect, and yes i have tried the option, but It never looks the way i intended, so it’s ok, my bad, my choice, my money.

Now, to make this whole thing a short issue, if developers allow us to check our own combinations regarding theme compatibility with other plugins including adding the names of those plugins, i might benefit us all, the developers don’t have to spend more time and money than necessary on their themes and we as users a have a better way to choose the right theme and plugin combination for our projects, that will shorten time in R&D in my honest opinion, that will leave us with more money to spend on other plugins, photos, after effects projects and so on, you know? a win-win situation for everybody.

with nothing more to add to this, I leave you with that idea.