An Epic Day in the Life

This morning I woke from an Epic dream. Stumbled into the bathroom and took an Epic shower with some Epic smelling shower gel. Smelling just Epic. Got dressed, combed my Epic hair, had a couple Epic organic eggs and Epic toast.
Then off to work on my latest Epic Vhive project. What can I say…
Not even sure what the word means when applied to video hive projects… I thought perhaps of great heroic significance, that happens once in a century… Strange, seeing it almost everyday?
The Urban Dictionary is less polite… :
"the most overused word ever, next to fail. for even more __-hole points, use them together to form "epic fail.“
everything is epic now. epic car. epic haircut. epic movie. epic album. epic shut the ___ up.
saying “epic win” doesn’t make you sound any better, either. and for ____ sake, don’t ever say it in person.”


Haha, I have to disagree… Just part of the things is “epic”… the rest is “dynamic” :smiley:

epic post here

How Epic! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Like ‘awesome’. Is it really awesome, does it inspire awe, or is it actually just quite impressive?

I sense a lot of epicness in this topic :smiley:

@urbazon you bet :smile: