An eCommerce theme that allows the user to customise a product (screenshot attached)

We are looking at developing a customised buying experience for our users. Not too dissimilar what Nike have done with Nike IDs. We want our users to be able to select a fabric, dress style as well as accessories that then creates an order for our team to produce based on the user request. I have attached a simple wireframe process to hopefully explain in better detail the process. I’m looking for a theme that perhaps has this kind of functionality. Any help much appreciated.

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You will not find such template out of box because every seller have diferent thing to sell and it is impossible to make template which will be universal for all.
Every site with such options is custom made by clients needs. I have made site for one client with similar things what you want.
If you want I can give you a quote for this option?


Well. Basically, these options are called product variations and comes under product variations in any eCommerce theme.
For example, if you take a look at this HTML ecommerce template

This could be customized easily with no additional effort. To match what options you would need.
It currently has the basic ones. Let me know and I can help you with it.

Sorry iMedia, I do not see that option on the link you sent me, product variations?

Hi, you can try our theme at

You can replace your fabric to our product with images swatch

JanStudio, does your theme have the desired functionality I’m looking for or are you just promoting your theme?

Yes, you will not see that exact option of choosing fabricetc.

As the majority of the themes would only showcase a simple product variation like color and size.
But you can add the variations as per your requirement. For example fabric, style, size, color, item type, etc.

yes @iMediaThemes correct. @parklife76, you can add variations as your requires for fabric, style, size, color